Caribbean Tan Shimmer Cream

I have mentioned before that in summer I like to look like a bronzed goddess not only when it comes to my make-up but my entire body πŸ˜‰. The only way to achieve that summer bronzed glow and healthy looking skin is with the Caribbean Tan tinted shimmer cream which I have been using for about two years.

I came across the shimmer cream one day when shopping for tanning products with Moe, he is very fair and has been using Caribbean Tan products for some time now so that he doesn’t look like the walking dead during summer πŸ˜†. I have never used tanning products before because I am already quite tanned in skin tone but because of winter and my eczema flaring up so much my skin becomes itchy and I scratch leaving behind marks which is always difficult to conceal in summer when I want to wear those short dresses, skirts and shorts. I was always told that I should get bronzed or tanned to even out my skin tone so when I saw the Caribbean Tan tinted shimmer cream I had to try it out who doesn’t like to look healthy and shimmery all summer long??πŸ˜‰. Ever since then I have been a huge fan of Caribbean Tan and yet to try out the tanning products.

Caribbean Tan is the no.1 selling sunless tanning products in SA and have recently introduced the new and improved tinted body bronzer cream. When I found out that Caribbean tan had changed the packaging and formula I was way to excited, I absolutely love the shimmer cream and use it almost every day in summer but the packaging was not all that great as the old packaging was a bottle and because the cream is thick it was very difficult to get the product out and the bottle was very difficult to squeeze, i found myself always banging it against my hand and splashing product everywhere 😐. Now it comes in a soft tube so getting the product out and that last bit of product won’t be a mission anymore yay for the new tube πŸ‘. The formula has also changed it contains vitamin e and cranberry extract which hydrates and protects your skin while giving you a healthy glow. I found that the newer formula is a little more darker and thicker in texture but still of the same or even better quality than the previous one.




The tinted body bronzer shimmer goes best with the Caribbean Tan self tan which I have not tried as yet but I do have a bottle and will apply it before my trip to Thailand and definitely post pictures with the shimmer cream over so that you can see the difference when applied over a tanner and when applied alone.

Below you can see the difference when the tinted body shimmer is applied on my legs it goes from pale to healthy looking in an instant and evens out small imperfections.


The Caribbean Tan tinted shimmer cream can be worn everyday and for any occasion, the golden micro-sparkles are not overpowering but flattering to the skin as it’s just the right amount. It is easy to apply but make sure you apply it evenly as it can dry streaky or patchy if not applied on evenly. Always apply it before putting on clothes and wait for it to dry completely so that you dont get any of the tint on your clothing. It dries quite quick and there are no commitments you can easily wash it off and the good thing is that it does not come off when swimming, it does stain your hands a little when using your hands to apply instead of the tanning glove which I’m sure you can use, but don’t fret it’s easy to wash off. The tinted shimmer cream is flattering on all skin tones.


It was difficult trying to capture the shimmer on camera I tried but it still does not do any justice to the beautiful glow. The golden shimmer compliments the brown tint and really allows your inner goddess to shine through πŸ˜‰. It looks really beautiful on, I don’t only use it on my legs but my entire body and it really makes me sparkle but not like a disco ball but more of a subtle bronze glow. This will definitely be going with me to Thailand so that I can always maintain that bronzed look on the islands 😊. Hmmm Bronzed Island Goddess… yes please! πŸ˜†


Best of all Carribean Tan products are not tested on animals and are PETA approved, the tinted body bronzer shimmer cream is also paraben free. You can find the Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream at Clicks, Dischem,, and selected pharmacies nationwide with an affordable price tag R59.99.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thamaray Francis says:

    Awesome shimmer but i am already tanned lol πŸ˜‰


    1. Even so you can still use it to give your skin an even tone and nice glow


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