GHD x Erdem

GHD partnered with fashion designer Erdem and session stylist Anthony Turner for London Fashion Week to create gorgeous “wispy, shipwrecked braids”


Anthony created the look by first applying a salt spray to the hair to create a matte texture before blow-drying the hair using the ghd air hairdryer and running his fingers through the hair. Beach waves was then created by wrapping sections of the hair around the ghd classic curl tong, the hair was then tied and braided into two pigtails at the base of the neck. The pigtails were loosely deconstructed and then crossed over and secured flat around the nape of the neck. To finish the look a simple matte black ribbon was tied around the hair and tied into a bow at the side.

“The hair has a soft, romantic feel; it is not too considered or elaborate. It is a pretty look that translates well into wedding hair” -Anthony Turner  pic-3

You too can create this look by following the easy steps below:

  • Prep your hair with salt spray before blow-drying the hair downwards using the ghd air hairdryer and fingers.
  • Loosely curl hair in different directions with the ghd curve classic tong.
  • Use the ghd tail comb to create a middle parting then secure hair into two ponytails at the nape of the neck and tie with elastic.
  • Braid each ponytail and loosen the braids with hands to create a deconstructed texture.
  • Cross the braids over and pin flat against the nape of the neck (like a flat messy-braided bun). Make sure it is flat and not bulky.
  • Gently pull out sections around the hair line before wrapping a matte black ribbon around the hair and underneath the braids, securing in a bow at the side of the head.


Below is the price list of the ghd tools used to create this runway look:

  • GHD air hairdryer R1699 (this is a definite must-have! I own one and have not regretted it at all)
  • GHD curve classic curl tong R2299
  • GHD tail comb R149

Braids and messy hair are in this season, it’s effortless and stylish and can be worn from a pool party to a night out. Unfortunately my hair is short right now so I could not recreate this gorgeous runway look, if you recreate it please send me pictures I would love to see it ☺.

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