GHD Red Carpet Looks

Celebrity hairstylists created Red Carpet looks for Priyanka Chopra, Taraji P. Henson and Emilia Clarke using GHD tools. Celebrity hairstylists Castillo who did Priyanka’s hair and celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel who styled Emilia’s hair drew inspiration from the actresses designer gowns while celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble played up Taraji’s natural hair texture.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka wore a stunning red dress that was custom-made for her by designer Jason Wu. “Since the dress was custom-made, I really wanted the hair to be cohesive with the vision of the designer- sleek and chic”.


Castillo washed her hair using a moisturising MOP mixed greens shampoo so that Priyanka’s hair could withstand the humidity and heat from the tools used. Next Castillo used MOP’s pear detangler and combed through the hair to untangle and minimise frizz.

Priyanka’s hair was then roughly dryed using the ghd air hairdryer until her hair was 80% dry, and then her hair was brushed using the ghd paddle brush to take out any tangles. Castillo then created a side path and flat brush bpw-dried the hair straight section by section and went over each section again with the ghd platinum styler from mid hair shafts to end.

Once that was done Castillo took a dallop sized amount of MOP orange peel moulding cream and coated root to mid hair shafts the side of her hair. Her was then brushed through and with a twisting motion it was twisted behind her ear and down the back of her neck, this step was repeated but without the twisting of the hair but it was gathered into a low ponytail and then secured with a bungee hair tie and a section of hair was wrapped around the bungee to conceal it.


  • GHD air hairdryer R1699
  • GHD paddle brush R320
  • GHD platinum styler R2999

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji wore a simple elegant Vera Wang dress with a natural curly hair-do. “We wanted to play up Taraji’s natural hair texture so we decided to go with the ‘wet’ hair look” – Kim Kimble pic-4

To create this look Taraji’s hair was first washed earlier in the day which allowed for it to air dry to preserve her hair’s natural texture.

Once her hair was dryed Taraji’s natural waves was refined using the tip of the ghd curve creative curl wand to add texture and definition. Abit of product was then added to her hair to make it appear ‘piecey’.


  • GHD curve creative curl wand R2299

Emilia Clarke

Emilia wore a strapless Atelier Versace gown “This look is a modern take on a classic updo featuring a duality of textures with architectural influences. The dress is always a huge inspiration for me when I think about how to style hair. I loved how beautiful, sleek and modern this Versace dress felt. I wanted to embody that look in the hairstyle by bringing some structural build to it and incorporating some great classical elements at the same time.”- Adir Abergel


Adir started with wet hair and applied Leonor Greyl Mousse Au Volumetrice from roots to mid shafts to create hold and mpry for a style that would last all night. Adir then used the ghd air hairdryer with a round brush to smooth the ends and create a bouncy voluminous blowout.

The hair was then separated into two sections, a top half and a bottom half. The ghd platinum was then used on the bottom half to create a smooth finish. Using the Leonor Greyl a l’Hibiscus the boot om half was then slicked into a very light ponytail a couple inches above the neck. The top portion of the hair was then parted down the middle and tied together with the bottom ponytail making sure that the top is loose and undone in texture.

Lastly the entire ponytail was smoothed with the Leonor Greyl a l’Hibiscus and then the ponytail was folded onto itself and secured with hair pins. To get the high finish texture with shine and hold the Leonor Grey Laque Souple hair spray was used all over Emilia’s hair.


  • GHD air professional hairdryer R1699
  • GHD platinum styler R2999



The dresses and hair-do’s were simple yet elegant. These hair styles are easy to create and can be done for any occasion without any hassle.

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