Last week I received Impulse perfumed body spray’s from Rubybox and could not wait to try them out. I received Impulse ‘Dynamique’ and Impulse City Collection ‘Paris’ the Impulse City Collection is also available in ‘London’ which is a purple can this was not included in the drop. pic-1

Impulse was launched in South Africa in 1972 as a ‘perfume deodrant’ which was a new concept at the time. The process of creating a perfume is the same process used for creating the Impulse body spray which makes it the perfect everyday fragrance. Basically a perfume in a body spray which is so convenient it saves time and space, instead of applying and carrying a bottled perfume (which could possibly break in your handbag) Impulse is two in one so no need for those bottled perfumes in your bag😉.

The colours and patterns on each can are so pretty and very girly which I absolutely love, the sprays are a slim 75ml can which makes it light and portable for your handbag so you can touch up throughout the day.  I love the twist cap as I tend to lose my deodorant lids🙈. pic-2

Impulse ‘Dynamique’ is a blend of musky vanilla scents and amber notes. It’s a soft-sweet-romantic scent and not overwhelming.

Impulse City Collection ‘Paris’ is a blend of bergamot, tangerine and muguet scents. This one is definitely my favourite of the two I love the fresh-sweet-citrisy scent.


I would definitely purchase the Impulse City Collection in ‘Paris’ and would love to try out ‘London’ I’m sure it smells just as amazing as the two that I received.






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