Essence All I Need Concealer Palette

I always use to wonder how some ladies with acne, scars, uneven skin tone or even a small pimple were able to cover it up with make-up, when ever I have a spot and use foundation over I  can still see the spot and I always seen pictures of ladies with bad skin before make-up and after and their skin looks flawless in the after pictures. I have always wondered how that was possible and recently found out that the answer is colour correcting. I know I am a bit delayed I wasn’t one to use foundations and concealers and only really got into it a couple years ago and now I can’t imagine life without these beauty products.

I have always wanted to try out colour correcting well since I found out what it is and how it works 😐. I got so excited a while ago when I recieved a press drop from Essence and it contained the new colour correcting palette. The  Essence All I need concealer palette  contains five colours which are pink, yellow, green and two beige shades a light and a darker one.

So basically each colour is for a different skin concern, this palette comes with five colours but there are more colours out there like blue and purple


Green: neutralises redness such as acne, sunburn, Rosacea and veins

Pink: brightens tired looking skin

Beige: covers imperfections

Yellow: conceals dark under eye circles and bruises. It basically lightens dark areas.

The colours can be used individually or mixed. The pink and yellow can be mixed as they are complimentary colours to purple which is used to reduce dark circles under the eyes. The lighter and darker beige shades have a mattifying effect and can be mixed to suite your skin tone.


These concealers are used before applying your foundation. They have a thick creamy texture and are easy to apply and blend. I found it better to apply using my fingers than with a concealer brush as the concealer brush does not pick up much product and you can get a better application and coverage using your fingers. I applied the different colours where needed and blended it with a beauty blender but once again it blended better using my finger tips. After blending my skin looked very white (I looked like a ghost 👻) even after applying my foundation over my skin looked pale, I think the colours are a bit too light for my skin tone and maybe a shade darker in each colour would work better. However I do like the palette, the packaging and the texture and if there was a palette with darker shades I would definitely purchase it.

The All I Need concealer palette retails for R67,50 which is super affordable. It is available at Clicks, Dischem, and selected Red Square Beauty, Pick n Pay and Independent Pharmacies.

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