Yardley BOND ST No.33

To all the ladies who are confident, ambitious and enjoy the finer things in life Yardley BOND ST No.33 is for you. This perfume has the perfect balance of bold floral notes with a soft fruity twist, it is the perfect perfume for the sophisticated woman who knows what she wants and goes out there to get it.

The packaging and perfume is much like a little black dress, it is simple and elegant accessorised with a touch of rose gold. Making it bold and sexy which demands attention yet still soft and chic. The bottle is square but there is nothing square about this perfume it starts of with fresh and exhilarating orange blossom notes which introduces a soft feminine facet. The middle notes are graced with a combination of jasmine and patchouli to create intensity and awaken your senses rounding off with cedar wood and honey chord which warms the base for an elegant ending. untitled

When I first applied the perfume it started off with a strong floral scent but not overpowering. Once settled I could get a sweet citrus and floral scent. I’m enjoying this perfume it smells amazing and is perfectly balanced, the only problem I have with it is that the scent does not last throughout the day so it needs to be reapplied. But overall it is a perfect everyday perfume it has a very feminine and classy scent, the ingredients and packaging really represents the bold and gentle side of all ladies.

You can find the Yardley BOND ST No.33 Eau de parfum pour femme at selected Clicks, Foshini, Edgars and Dischem stores nationwide. The 30ml EDP retails for R309,95 and the 50ml EDP for R399,95 which for me is not badly priced for this gorgeous perfume ☺.


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