L.A Girl

As I walked into Dischem I seen brand new L.A Girl products which I had to try, I have been after the L.A Girl tin eyeshadows and eyebrow kits ever since I seen it released in the States so when I seen the eyeshadows I got beyond excited. I’m hoping that we get the eyebrow kits they look so amazing and I’m seriously obsessed with eyebrow products (well all things make-up related😊). Dischem is currently having a beauty sale so I picked up three L.A Girl products for the price of two amongst other things, it is so difficult going to Dischem and not taking just one beauty item there are so many interesting things it’s like a candy store for grown-ups.

There are six new inspiring L.A Girl eyeshadow palettes, available in a variety of colours and all are so beautiful. I chose the ‘Be Bold and Beautiful’ palette which has neutral brown-rosey-bronze colours, I also took the L.A Girl primer and setting spray to try out.

L.A Girl Pro.prep HD.high-definition smoothing face primer

This primer helps smooth and fill in fine lines and pores, it is paraben and fragrance free and enriched with vitamin e which has a lot of skin benefits such as protecting the skin from environmental damages, it helps prevent wrinkles and brown spots caused by ageing..basically vitamin e is good for the skin👍.

2016-09-01 13.35.59

The primer is quite small only 15ml, it has a gel texture and look which is a lot similar to the Benefit Porefessional pro balm. I did promise to put up a Benefit review a couple weeks ago but the pictures were all messed up but I will still put up a Benefit review soon. Anyways I got a little distracted there..back to L.A Girl.. I was expecting the primer to be creamy but the gel works just fine it applied on smoothly but I did find that I needed a little more primer than usual to cover my entire face as a small amount of the gel does not spread like a cream would, so I’m not so sure how long this tiny tube will last me I do hope that Dischem stocks up on them.


I applied the primer after my moisturiser and I could see an instant matte finish, my skin was smooth to the touch and my foundation applied on smoothly and evenly. I’m seriously quite impressed with this primer it would be nice if they were available in a bigger size though.

Inspiring L.A Girl Eyeshadow Palette

These eyeshadow palettes really caught my eye as they are tin boxes and come in a variety of shades. I chose the bronze tin as I liked the more neutral shades and the combination of matte and shimmer, there was one palette that only had matte shades and some with only shimmer shades so this one was perfect for me.

20160831_1413412016-09-01 16.33.08

Each palette comes with a basic double ended eyeshadow applicator, a small mirror and has a total of six colours which consist of a highlighter which is the middle one and the smaller one on the side is a shadow liner.


As you can see in the swatches the colours are not very pigmented it has a very light natural look. I felt that when I applied it onto my eyes all the colours almost looked the same so there was not much of a contrast, that did disappoint me a little but I still love the palette and will use it together with more pigmented eyeshadows. I wanted to use the eyeshadow on its own without a winged eye but because it looked so plain and all the colours look the same I opted for a small winged eye but I had one of those days where a small wing turned into a longer one😕.



L.A Girl Pro.setting HD.high-definition setting spray long lasting matte finish

Geez the names of these products are super long and a mouth full😥. This was the very first setting spray that I bought, I was sent a setting spray from Beauty fix a while ago and it was the only one that I have being using so I wanted to try something new. Sooo this bottle is quite tiny it is only 30ml, L.A Girl why so small?😣. Basically the setting spray helps set your make-up for long lasting wear, it is also paraben and fragrance free (yay to my sensitive skin🤗).

2016-09-01 13.36.38

I applied the setting spray once I was completely done with my make-up, it dries quite quickly so I was excited about that and like the primer I could feel and see an instant matte finish but both did not dry out my skin at all.

I’m crazy about the primer and setting spray I found that I did not have to put on an eyeshadow primer as the face primer and setting spray kept everything in tact throughout the day. My face felt matte and oil free, there were no creases and my make-up up did not fade yippee 😃.

The only problem is the size of these products I don’t think it will last very long and when I went back to Dischem there weren’t any more left. So if you ladies see these products you better stock up they really are the bomb dot com😃. L.A Girl please can we up size these products?🙏



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