3INA Cream Eyeshadows

On monday I told you about the new make-up range that hit South Africa a week ago, today il be reviewing the products that Moe and I recieved in the lucky dip☺. Which are the 3INA ‘The Cream Eyeshadow‘ in ‘301’ and ‘308’.

The 3INA cream eyeshadows comes in the cutest little boxes which are colour co-ordinated and the eyeshadow itself is in a small glass pot.


The cream eyeshadows come in a total of 18 shades of really bold and intense colours they are also long lasting, waterproof and paraben free. The colours are very pigmented, the eyeshadows are super soft and creamy. I had these eyeshadows in my bag and when I took them out I seen that the yellow had melted and changed shape abit, that can already tell you just how soft these eyeshadows are.


They apply on smoothly and it is best to apply these eyeshadows using your fingertip like I said they are super SUPER soft and also dry very quickly so you would have to work fast. A very tiny amount is needed for each eyelid, the colours really pop on the eyes and they are also build-able so once the first layer is dry you can add another layer for a more intense look.pic4


What I really like about these eyeshadows is the intensity of the colours and the creamy texture. I have very sensitive eyes and some times when using eye make-up my eyes tend to get really itchy and red, these eyeshadows did not irritate my eyes and I could wear them all day.



The colours are build-able but I found that if you add more layers to the yellow it tends to crack and feel a bit heavy on the eye. You can see the cracking of the eyeshadow in the pictures below. It is better to use a small amount of product at a time and work quickly to get a more even finish before it dries, the eyeshadows do apply on a bit messy and if you are not careful it is a hassle to clean up. As you can see the eyeshadow gets all over the lashes even though I used my pinky finger to apply.


They have a gorgeous foil effect because of this I would rather use these eyeshadows at night or to a pool party as they are waterproof and really stick to the eye. Once applied it does not wipe off, crease or fade and you really need a good waterproof eye make-up remover to remove these baby’s. I used micellar cleansing water as I find that it is the only thing that removes make-up thoroughly without drying out the skin but I had to use about three application’s to remove the eyeshadow it really is waterproof and won’t budge that easily. So you can trust that it will stay intact throughout the day and night and even after swimming (I have never swam with make-up on but going to try it one day, I feel like I need to be on a yaht though 😎).

I was very impressed with these eyeshadows and will be getting a more neutral shade to wear everyday. If lightly applied you still get the foil effect and it is not heavy on the eyes. All the shades are super stunning and I recommend you try them out☺. You can find the  3INA store at Eastgate and soon a 3INA store will be opening up in Sandton. The make-up is not badly priced and is of good quality.


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