3INA SA Launch

A week ago we attended the launch of a new make-up range that hit South Africa, 3INA which is pronounced ‘Mina’. The first ever 3INA store has opened in Eastgate and we were lucky enough to play around with some of their products.

Their slogan is ‘A bold and brave new take on beauty’ and bold it is! The store is filled with a wide variety of colours each make-up product comes in different shades, rainbow heaven! Finally a brand that has bright bold colours as I find it a struggle to find bright shades, I love experimenting with colour so this is the perfect brand for anyone who loves colour.

PIc 1PIc 2PIc 3

The event was fun with bright coloured snacks and candy to represent the boldness and playfulness of the brand. There was even cotton candy on a stick which took me back to my childhood😊.

PIc 4PIc 5PIc 6

There was a lucky dip at the event which consisted of 3INA cosmetics each of us had a chance to dig in and pick a surprise cosmetic I picked up a yellow shimmer pot cream eyeshadow and Moe got a lilac shimmer pot cream eyeshadow. At first I was not to sure about a yellow eyeshadow and wanted to swap it for something else but after swatching the tester I changed my mind and decided to keep it. We were lucky enough to meet the founder of the brand and chat to him as he made his rounds to all the guests. I got a little too excited and swatched almost everything, I get so drawn to colours and shiny things😍. Who else is like me? All the colours were true to the colour on the packaging, everything is very pigmented and the highlighters were so sparkly☄. I’m definitely going back for the highlighters. There are so many different colours to choose from which is abit overwhelming 😯. Their range consists of lipsticks, make-up brushes (which were so soft and fluffy), nailpolishes, coloured mascara (I LOVE coloured mascara I use to own a blue mascara in high school😊), micellar make-up remover, foundations…basically everything you need! 3INA products are all paraben free which is a big plus for me (sensitive skin and all) and their products are not tested on animals which is very important to me, I’m all about cruelty free products the fur babies should not have to suffer for our beauty.

Overall the event was great, good food and music and absolutely bright and beautiful cosmetics. All make-up junkies out there you have to get your hands on some 3INA products☺. Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post as I talk about the eyeshadows and show you how they look on 😉.


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