Lola by Hoity Toity

Bonjour have you met Lola?


Oops not my fur baby Lola 😆. Have you met Lola by Hoity Toity?


Allow me to introduce you to Lola who is an ambitious, fun and fashion forward woman. Lola strives for success and always makes a statement with her confident, fun, flirty, edgy and cheeky personality.

Hoity Toity launched two new sophisticated fragrances, one for everyday use (Lola Jour by Hoity Toity) and one for nights out with the girls (Lola Nuit by Hoity Toity). These two new fragrances are inspired by women who are drawn to sophisticated brands that still evoke a playful edge much like Lola. The scent and packaging appeals to women of all ages.

Both fragrances have a fun-floral-flirty scent. Lola Jour (Jour means day) is a perfect everyday perfume with the perfect balance between fruitiness and florals. A radiantly fresh, feminine heart of peony and mugret, with fresh fruits and mandarin, rounded off by a soft musk and touch of violet. Lola Jour has a beautiful soft scent while Lola Nuit (Nuit means night) is a bit more intense and is perfect for nights out. It is a mysterious sensual fragrance that opens up into a warm floral heart settling into a soft powdery base with a touch of vanilla and tanka bean. Lola Jour and Nuit perfumes also have their own aerosols which smell just as lovely as the perfumes.


The packaging is simple yet it still stands out with the beautiful colours. The day perfume and aerosol being a pale pink and the night perfume and aerosol a stunning black packaging, both really depicting Lola’s personality.

How to apply perfume to make it last throughout the day? Below are some tips from Lola and I to make your fragrances last throughout the day and night.

I find that using both the aerosol and perfume makes the scent last long as you would apply the perfume onto your body and the aerosol onto your clothing. I like to spray some of the perfume in the air and walk into it that way it gets onto my hair aswell which I find lasts so much longer, you can even smell the perfume in your hair the next day.

Below is a picture of Lola showing you where to apply your perfume onto your body to make the scent last longer.


So ladies which Lola are you? Jour or Nuit? or both?

I love both fragrances I really can not  choose only one 🙈. With its affordable price tag you too can get both which are available at Clicks and Foshini stores😉.

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