Avon Mega Effects Creamy Eyeshadow

Last month I saw such beautiful cream eyeshadows in the July Avon brochure and I had to try them out. The colours on the brochure were all so pretty so I could not decide on just one colour and opted for two ‘Crimson Tide’ which is a lovely burgundy colour which has a slight rose gold undertone and ‘Liquid Gold’ which looked like a stunning bright gold colour in the brochure.


The cream eyeshadows came in little boxes and in the cutest little glass pots. I instantly fell in love with the packaging.


When I dipped my finger into the eyeshadows it had almost a thin sheer layer which I had to wipe off with my finger before getting into the actual product. I’m not to sure what the purpose of the layer is, maybe to keep the product from drying out🤔.

Both eyeshadows have a soft creamy texture and is best applied using your finger tips. A small amount of product is more than enough to apply over the entire eyelid. I was disappointed with the colours though as they are not true to the brochure pictures 😔.


‘Liquid Gold’

I expected this to be a stunning intense bright gold colour but to my disappointment it is more of a beige colour. Not only was the colour not the same as depicted in the pictures but it also applied on very patchy. The first time I applied it I thought that maybe my skin was just abit dry and that is why it looks so patchy but I wiped it off and reapplied it. My skin was not dry, the product still did not apply on evenly. So I’m not too happy with this one and the second application looked a lot worse than the first application. I regret buying this colour😏.


‘Crimson Tide’

Although this colour was also not true to the colour in the picture it applied on smoothly and evenly and looks a whole lot better than the previous colour. I like this one and will continue to use it.


Both colours have a slight shimmer but can be worn during the day as the shimmer is not over powering it is very subtle. The eyeshadows are dry to the touch once applied and does not rub off. Avon states in their brochure that the product does not fade but I found that it does fade throughout the day. Lastly they do not have a metallic finish which I was hoping for when I seen the products in the brochure. I honestly do not recommend it to anyone as you will not get what see in the brochure.

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