Eye Contouring

Hi Ladies I’m sure you have all heard of face contouring but have you heard of eye contouring? This has become the latest make-up trend, I’m all about trying out new trends and seeing if they work for me so when I heard about eye contouring I had to do some research to find out more.

What is eye contouring?

So basically eye contouring works the same way you would contour your face, you can accentuate or alter the shape of your eyes using eyeshadows. You would use a lighter colour to bring light forward, a darker colour to recede and  another colour to highlight which will accentuate the parts that you want to stand out.

You do not have to use neutral colours like browns and beige to accomplish the look. You could also use eyeshadows with different effects and finishes like matte or shimmer but just to start off I suggest using a neutral/nude palette.

Below are pictures of eyeshadow palettes which I think would work best. These are small and have the basic colours that you would need to eye contour:


  • Revlon Colorstay ‘500 addictive Intoxiquant’
  • Glamour Eyes (which was free in a Glamour magazine)
  • Rimmel London Glam’Eyes quad eyeshadow ‘002 smokey brun’
  • Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow palette ‘010 frankie rose to hollywood’

Here is a bigger eyeshadow palette which has a variety of colours and finishes to experiment with:


  • 166 Piece colour compact from Foshini

And this is a nude eyeshadow palette which I’m using to contour my eyes with.


  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar

How to contour your eyes

Firstly you want to determine your eye shape this will help with the process. The different eye shapes are: round, almond, monolid, hooded, small, protruding, down-turned and up-turned. After determining the shape of the eyes prep your eyes by first applying a primer which will keep your eyeshadow in place and keep it from fading and creasing throughout the day.

Below is a guide on how to contour according to your eye shape.


I have almond shaped eyes. Firstly I prepped my eyes using Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base.


I used ‘salted caramel’ over my entire lid using a flat eyeshadow brush and ‘hazelnut’ on my outer crease using a small eyeshadow blending brush and highlighted the inner corners and brow bone with ‘champagne truffle’ using the same eyeshadow blending brush.





Eye contouring is quick and easy and can be done every day, it is more of a subtle smokey eye. So for anyone who does a subtle smokey eye you might have mastered eye contouring without even knowing it☺. I quite like this “trend” as it is not time consuming as face contouring, it is simple and perfect for everyday. This look can be rocked on its own or paired with a nude or bright lip as the eye contouring is more natural and accentuates the eyes.

2016-07-27 17.13.122016-07-27 17.51.23

I would like to hear from you. What do you think about this trend? Do you prefer face contouring, strobing or eye contouring?

*information gathered from makeup.com and various pinterest pictures.

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