Essence Eyeshadows

Today im going to be sharing my thoughts on some of the new Essence eye shadows that were released earlier this year.

Essence Eyeshadow ’25 All or nutting’

Essence ‘All or nutting’ eye shadow is a lovely light brown colour with a little swirl pattern, it is actually the same colour as my skin tone so this is perfect to use a base colour over the entire eye lid and brow bone. I used the Essence eyeshadow brush to apply it on, it is soft in texture and easy to apply and has a matte finish.

2016-07-12 22.53.56

The Velvets eyeshadow ’03 Smooth caramel’

The Velvets eyeshadows are gorgeous they are all embossed with a chequered pattern. I had these for a while now but did not want to use them and mess up the pretty pattern😍, I finally sucked it up and dipped my eyeshadow brush in one spot so that I don’t mess up the entire pattern😊.

‘Smooth caramel’ is more of a cream/beige colour with a slight shimmer. I applied this shade over the entire eyelid and the inner corners of my eyes.

2016-07-12 22.54.53

The Velvets eyeshadow ’08 Coral me maybe’

The name of this colour is ‘coral me maybe’ but it looks more like a dusty pink colour to me then a coral (maybe I’m colour blind, I dunno😕). I applied this colour on the crease of my eye and along the lashline.

2016-07-12 22.55.32

They are both so velvety soft, smooth, easy to apply and blendable. I find that these eyeshadows or rather these colours look best on its own over the entire eye lid as they are very light and natural looking so they will make your eyes pop and give it a more romantic look with the subtle shimmer. My mistake when using this was me trying to create some kind of smokey eye😯. I really like the soft subtle colour of these eyeshadows they are perfect for every day use.

The Velvets eyeshadows are available in nine colours like nude, burgundy and grey and the packaging is so cute (small round pans). The Velvets eyeshadows retail for R38,95 each. I’m definitely going to add more to my collection.


2016-07-12 22.43.56

2016-07-12 23.07.06

Essence 2in1 eyeshadow and eyeliner waterproof ’03 Light me up’

These eyeshadow sticks can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner, how super convenient is that! I say just pop one of these into your handbag so when you are in a rush and there’s no time to apply make-up at home you could always pull out this baby on the go and use as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. Yaaaas!!😃

‘Light me up’ is a beige colour it almost looks white when applied and has a very subtle shimmer that is almost unnoticeable.


Essence 2in1 eyeshadow and eyeliner waterproof ’06 She’s got the mauve’

This is a really gorgeous shimmery bronze colour and definitely my favourite from the two. The shimmer is more noticeable in this colour.


These 2in1 eyeshadow and eyeliner sticks are both soft and creamy and easy to blend but you would have to work fast when blending because once it is dry it’s difficult to remove without a waterproof eye make-up remover. What I love most about these is that it’s one product with two uses which is so convenient, not only that but there is no need in using make-up brushes to apply all you do is blend it using the tip of your finger. That easy. What is also great about these eyeshadow/liners is that you can twist the bottom to get more product instead of having to use a sharpener. They are also waterproof and long-lasting which will be perfect to use in summer when going to pool parties or being out in the sun the whole day, you would not have to worry about it rubbing off or smudging.

The 2in1 eyeshadow and liner’s come in a total of six colours from nude for a natural look to darker shades like black for a more intense look. There are also different finishes like matte, shimmer and satin so you can mix different shades and effects to create your own unique look. These retail for R53,95.

2016-07-12 23.26.52

2016-07-12 22.56.30

I created a look using all of these eyeshadows.


Firstly I applied ‘Light me up’ over the entire eyelid and inside corners of my eyes, then I applied ‘she’s got the mauve’ on the outer corner, the crease and bottom lash line of the eyes. So basically a slight smokey eye using the Essence 2in1 eyeshadow and eyeliner.

2016-07-12 23.02.38

I finished off the look with a winged liner, highlighted under my brows with The Velvet ‘Smooth caramel’, applied the Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel mascara and lastly I used The Velvets ‘Smooth caramel’ to highlight my cheek bones, the tip of my nose, chin and forehead using a fan brush. And I completely finished off the look with Essence liquid lipstick in the new shade ’09 pretty in plum’.


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  1. sanjanaguptaa says:

    Hi I love the way you do your eye makeup and the way you write! Great article!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 if you would like to see more please follow me on instagram @bcbalutto and our fb blog page. Thanks for the support have a fab day



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