Kangol Retro Glam

Hi guys have you seen the new Kangol Retro Glam lip crayons, mascara and nail polishes at Truworths? The other day I recieved a press drop from Kangol with the new Kangol Retro Glam products which I will be reviewing  today. Kangol launched the new ‘The Retro Girl Look’ this June, the make-up and nail polishes gives you a touch of vintage glam as they contain elements of the 80’s and 90’s with their bright colours and bold application.

I have always loved Kangol cosmetics and their nail polishes with all the bright colours and different effects like the matte, glitter and they came out with the crackle polishes before any other brand. Kangol always has trendy cosmetics and polishes and best of all its affordable and the quality is great.

Kangol Retro Mascara

I really like the silver chrome packaging it’s so sleek and eye catching. The wand is flexible so it’s easy to navigate and get to those tiny corner lashes. All you need is one coat and your lashes are instantly transformed! This mascara is EVERYTHING!! It instantly made my lashes longer, curled  and best of all there was no clumping and my lashes were nicely separated. I don’t have a very steady hand so I got some mascara on my cheek and below my brows, I used an damp ear bud to remove it and to my surprise there was no smudging it easily came off instead of spreading it was more like lash fibres. This is my new favourite mascara.

2016-06-29 13.56.492016-06-29 14.10.23PicsArt_06-29-04.56.37PicsArt_06-29-07.34.22

Kangol Lip Crayon

I recieved a stunning bright pink lip crayon. I’m a fan of lip crayons as you can get an easy precise application. This lip crayon applies on a little light but you can easily build up the colour. It has a creamy soft texture and is very conditioning keeping my lips moisturised. I give this lip crayon a big thumbs up as it lasted very long even after eating I still had the colour on my lips. It has a slight gloss finish and  works like a lip balm, super moisturising and perfect for winter.

2016-06-29 13.52.312016-06-29 14.09.58PicsArt_06-29-07.40.18

Kangol No Time For Shine Matte finish nailpolish ‘Chalky Black’

This is a matte black nail polish, the bottle is also matte and the brush is thin. I’m not a fan of matte nail polishes but I  quite like this one it has more of a semi matte finish. I found that one coat is not enough as it applies on unevenly but two coats is perfect and gives it a more even finish. I like that it dries quick so I did not have to wait long in between coats, by the time I was done with my first coat on the right hand the first coat on left hand was dry.


Kangol ‘Strobe Blue’

Aaaah this colour is sooo stunning!!! 😍😍😍 I’m obsessed with this colour it’s a royal metallic blue and when you move the bottle around you can see some purple and black tones. This polish has a glossy finish so I decided to play around with the matte and gloss. But I can not wait to try this colour on its own.

PicsArt_06-29-07.45.40PicsArt_06-29-07.47.102016-06-29 13.51.43

I have not tried the Kangol Gel Effect polish as yet but will definitely put up a post on the ‘Strobe Blue’ and the gel polish.

Below are some pictures of my make-up look using the Kangol Retro Mascara and Kangol Lip Crayon.

PicsArt_06-29-07.51.292016-06-29 19.53.552016-06-29 19.49.02

I enjoyed creating this Retro Glam look 😊. Kangol is available at Truworths stores nationwide. Below is the price list of all the products in this post:

Retro Mascara- R59.00

Lip crayon- R69.00

Full size nail varnish- R65.00

Mini Gel nail polish- R59.00

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