Nimue Skin Care for Man

Hi Guys, This is my very first blog post, I wasn’t sure on how to start with my first blog post. Bee just posted a review on the Nimue Skin Care products so I decided heeeeey let me do the same, I have never been a person to use skin care products but recently things have changed, im starting to take care of skin. with that change more reviews will be following on different skin, health and fitness products …and not forgetting will be doing car tests in the next few weeks which is my one true passion but for now let’s carry on with my Nimue review, I am going to review two of the Nimue Man Products: the Nimue Skin Technology Man Lip Care and Nimue Skin Technology Man Sunscreens + Antioxidants SPF40 UVA High Protection.


Skin Technology Man Lip Care

During winter I normally suffer with dry cracked lips and I have tried a few brands out there but nothing works quite like this lip product, the Nimue Lip Care does not give that thick white finish on my lips nor does it give me that oily glossy finish. It applies on smoothly and has a subtle menthol smell and a slight tingly feeling on the lips. This is the best lip care product that I’ve used that lasts long and I no longer suffer with cracked lips.


Nimue Skin Technology Man Sunscreens + Antioxidants SPF40 UVA High Protection.

I am on the road a lot and being fair in complexion I am prone to sunburn and with sunburn brings skin damage and faster ageing, I started using the Nimue Sunscreen and I what I like about the sunscreen is that it has no white residue and does not leave you feeling oily either, It has a very nice smell not like most sunscreens that smell horrible. It applies on your skin like a moisturizer more than a sunscreen. I think it’s perfect for guys who are in the sun a lot and its light and works well in protecting you from the evil UV Rays.

These products are perfect for winter, the lip care keeps your lips hydrated and the sunscreen not only protects your skin but it also keeps it moisturized.

The packaging is really awesome; I would really recommend these products to all guys who take pride in what they wear on their skin.

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