My Nimue Skin Health Journey

A couple month’s ago I recieved Nimue skincare products to review. First I had to download the Nimue app and complete a skin classification diagnostic questionaire to determine what skin type I have and which products would be best suited for my skin type.

My results were Interactive skin which shows symptoms of hypersensitivity, redness and irritation due to lifestyle factors (stress, pollution, health etc).

After completing the skin diagnostic questionaire I recieved a 3-Phase skin health programme which consisted of the following:

  • A booklet telling me how to go about my Nimue Skin Health Journey. Which is a 12 week, 3-Phase Skin health programme
  • Cleansing Gel Lite
  • Conditioner Lite
  • Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Moisturiser Lite ×2
  • Professional SPF 40 UVA protection
  • Gauze
  • Complimentary Active Rejuvenation treatment + Phase 2 Active Lotion


Firstly the Nimue Skin Health Journey consists of 3-Phases.

Phase 1: Homecare Prescription which are the products that I have recieved and will be reviewing.

Phase 2: Homecare Active Enhancer. This is a product added to the homecare products recieved to enhance my skin health journey. This product is added after going for my Active Rejuvenation Treatment.

Phase 3: Professional Treatment. This is the last phase where professional treatments are combined with my Skin Health Programme.

My Phase 1 homecare regime consists of

-Cleansing using the Cleansing Gel Lite (face wash) twice a day (Morning and night)

The Cleansing Gel Lite is clear and has a creamy gel texture. It does not have a very pleasant smell so that put me off but I still continued using it for reviewing purposes.

This cleanser is soap free, soap free face washes are best for people who have sensitive skin like mine as it is not harsh on the skin. To be honest I’m not a fan of this face cleanser as I felt that it was too mild and did not feel like it cleaned my skin and also did not completely remove make-up.


-Conditioning with the Conditioning Lite (toner) twice a day (Morning and night)

This product is applied onto the face using the gauze instead of cotton wool as the gauze acts as a natural exfoliate.After cleansing I spray 3 sprays of he Nimue Conditioner onto a dry gauze and wipe over my skin avoiding contact with the eye and lip area.

I quite like the idea of using the gauze to apply my toner it gently exfoliates and makes my face feel fresh and clean.


Exfoliating Enzyme (exfoliator) applied 2-3 times a week at night.

This exfoliator has such a pleasant citrus smell. The texture is different to most exfoliators, it has a light gel texture similar if not the same to that of the Cleansing Gel Lite. This is the first time that I have used an exfoliating enzyme, I was a bit hesitant to try it as I’m so use to the an exfoliator that contains microbeads. The reason that is does not contain microbeads is that microbeads can spread germs from pimples to the rest of the face and it can be abit harsh on the skin causing cuts leaving your skin vulnerable to infections. An exfoliating enzyme contains fruit extracts  like papaya and pineapple which gently  removes excess surface skin so this makes is better to use on sensitive skin as it is non-abrasive.  The application is also different as it is applied after the Conditioning Lite and left on the skin for 2 minutes before gently massaging the skin for 3-5 minutes to reactivate it and leaving it for another 2 minutes before rinsing. It is recommended to rinse it with water saturated gauze. After rinsing well the Nimue Conditioner is applied again.

This process is very time consuming. I did not feel like my skin was being exfoliated I prefer using an exfoliator with microbeads as I can feel it gently getting rid of all the dead skin and I also prefer to use an exfoliator after washing my face not after applying a toner. I felt that after using the Exfoliating Enzyme my skin became very oily and I would break out a lot.


Moisturiser Lite  (face cream) applied twice a day (Morning and night)

This is a multifunctional cream that can be used as a day and night cream. I like the convenience of having one cream instead of two creams, one for the day and one for night. This is applied after the Conditioning Lite. I was quite impressed with this face cream, the texture is not light or heavy and just a drop spreads easily over my whole face. This cream is so moisturising and light on my skin it keeps my skin hydrated without any oiliness throughout the day. Even when applied the night before I wake up without my skin feeling tight or oily.


Professional SPF 40 UVA Protection  (sunscreen)

This is applied after the Moisturiser Lite cream and can be used before applying your foundation. This is by far my favourite product from all the Nimue products that I have recieved for my skin health journey. This sunscreen has a light texture and has a slight yellow colour it smells like aloe vera. The smell is very light, a small amount spreads evenly over my whole face and it does not feel sticky on my skin, does not leave any white residue and does not make my skin oily making it one of the best sunscreens that I have used.


Overall I like the packaging it’s plain and simple, I’m not a fan of all the products and did not see any change in my skin after a month of use. I really like the idea of using a gauze rather than cotton wool/pads it really works with gently exfoliating, that is something I will continue to do. And lastly I like the Moisturiser Lite and the Professional SPF 40 UVA protection and will most likely purchase it.

I will soon be posting my Active Rejuvenation treatment experience and  my thoughts and results on the phase 2 Active Lotion.

Have you tried any products from the Nimue range? If so which one and how was your experience?

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