All About Eyes

Hi guys, today I’m going to be reviewing the Essence ‘All About Roses’ and the Essence ‘All About Greys’ eyeshadow palettes. Each eyeshadow palette contains eight different shades, there are also different effects from matte to metallic. So you can create many looks with just one palette☺.

Essence ‘All About Roses’ eyeshadow palette

The ‘All About Roses’ is a nice rosy/nude palette that can be used to create a subtle rosy smokey eye and is perfect for everyday. Not only can you use this palette to create a subtle day look but you can also change it up and create a darker rosy smokey eye using the three darker and more metallic shades. I really like the soft texture of the eyeshadows it makes it easier to apply and blend.

Essence ‘All About Greys’ eyeshadow palette

The ‘All About Greys’ is a darker palette and the colours are more pigmented. This palette is great for a night out, it’s the perfect palette to create a more dramatic smokey eye. The texture, like the previous one is also very soft and easy to blend. The colours are a lot more bolder, it stands out more than the rosy palette.

Both palettes are pretty amazing☺. If you are not an expert at creating smokey eyes do not worry! The back of each eyeshadow palette comes with instructions on where to apply the lighter, medium and darker colours.


What I love most about each palette is that you can create many looks from a soft look using only the matte colours or a dramatic glamorous look using only the metallic colours or for something in between you can use both matte and metallic. The colour combinations are endless. I like that these palettes are not too big so you can keep it in your handbag and change up your look if you are going from work to a night out with the girls.

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