Essence Pure Nude Make-Up

I have always been a huge Essence fan since the first day I laid eyes on them. It was at my local Clicks store, I seen nail polishes in the most vibrant colours, I just had to have them all! My heart probably skipped a beat and butterflies filled my tummy. My obsession started with the nail polishes but soon after that I discovered the Essence make-up range and completely fell in love. I was like a kid at a candy store just wanting to get my hands on everything. Since then my Essence collection has grown, what I like most about Essence products is the cute packaging, the great quality and not only is the quality good but so is the price tag it’s super affordable. I love that it is cruelty free and I absolutely love the trend editions and the creativity and uniqueness of each product.

Today I am reviewing the Essence Pure Nude foundation, Pure Nude concealer stick and Camouflage cream concealer.



I recently recieved a bag full of Essence goodies to review unfortunately the foundation and concealer stick colours were too light for my skin so I popped into my nearest DisChem store and bought the darkest shades as there are only three different shades of the Pure Nude foundation and concealer stick.

Here are my thoughts on these products:

Essence Pure Nude Foundation

The foundation has a soft creamy texture and applies on easily. A pea size of the foundation goes a long way, the product blends on easily and it has very good coverage but even though it was the darkest shade it’s still a bit light for my skin tone. I applied the foundation using my fingertips as I find foundation is easier to spread and blend and gives a flawless finish. I love that the foundation is light on my skin, it doesn’t have that “cakey” heavy feeling it feels as if I’m not wearing any foundation.

Essence Pure Nude Concealer stick

The concealer stick applies on easily, there is not much coverage this could be because the concealer was way too light for my skin tone. What I liked most about this concealer is that it has soft and creamy texture and also feels very light on my skin as if I’m not wearing anything.


Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer

This concealer comes in two colours so that you can blend them to create your perfect shade. Both shades are too light for my skin tone, even when blending the two shades together. The texture is lovey and soft and applies on smoothly.


Even though the shades were too light for my skin tone I absolutely love the texture, the feel of the foundation and concealers. I definitely recommend them.

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